Brief description

No matter how good Speech Recognition technology becomes, there will always be a need to transfer to somebody else the correction of those elusive misrecognitions in the automatic transcription process, while improving the Dictating User Speech files (Profile), as well as the time-consuming task of formatting the final document, for the sake of maximum productivity and efficiency.

This need is more evident today, since many organisations are trying to effectively organise their staff workflow under the principle of "division of tasks": the Dictating Users must exclusively concentrate either in generating real-time transcriptions in a computer with Dragon NaturallySpeaking® or voice recordings in a digital recorder, while a small pool of secretaries handles all other ancillary tasks. This means:
1. The automatic transcription of the aforementioned voice recordings
2. The playback of both types of transcriptions, to spot for misrecognitions
3. The correction of those misrecognitions with the help of a foot pedal, while improving each Dictating User Profile for further accuracy gains
4. The formatting and handling of the final documents or transcriptions
5. The keyboard or manual transcription of voice recordings, when Dragon NaturallySpeaking® cannot be used.

QuickTypist for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® facilitates the implementation of this "ideal" workflow process, as well as provides some other unique functionalities like full support for most common USB foot pedals, whatever their mark or model, as well as, for the first time ever easy sinchronization of voice recordings and transcriptions trough popular cloud based services like DropBox, Google Drive and One Drive!

QuickTypist for the Transcriptionist

With QuickTypist any Transcriptionist can substantially increase the productivity and working comfort by:

• Playback of NaturallySpeaking® transcriptions in the same application where they are generated (DragonPad®, Microsoft Word®, Microsoft Outlook®, etc.), with the help of a compatible USB foot pedal or a chosen Fkey, for correction, formatting or editing and while improving the Profile of the dictating User
• Automatic transcription of voice recordings generated with an Android 2.2. or higher and Apple iOS SmartPhones and our free application SpeeechWare Recorder (choising 'Maximum Quality')
• Keyboard or manual transcription of voice recordings not suitable for automatic transcription by NaturallySpeaking®, also with the help of the foot pedal or a chosen Fkey
• Manual transcription of voice recordings generated with any BlackBerry, and Apple iOS and Android SmartPhones!

QuickTypist for the Dictating user and "self-editor"

Likewise, Dictating users can easily achieve:

• Execution of his most frequent Dragon Voice Commands and Hotkeys with any USB foot pedal
• Keyboard emulation, that is execution of any available key, also with the pedal.
• Automatic, cloud based transcription and synchronization of voice recordings (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, etc.)
• Web based monitoring, through any PC, Tablet or Smartphone of the transcriptionist work!